Carlisle SHINES is a grief and loss support group offered to students at Carlisle High School. The name means Support, Hope, Included, Non-Judgmental, Encouraging, and Strength. If you or someone you know would benefit from this group, please click on the referral link above.

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The above links provide resources on grief and loss but are not connected or affiliated with the Carlisle Area School District

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Are you or someone you know grieving?

Have you or someone you know lost someone that impacted you/them significantly?

If you think you or someone you know would be a fit for group, fill out the form below by either clicking the link or scanning the QR code. If you know someone that needs help, but not the kind that group can provide, see our FAQ page.

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About Us

Mr. Roper

Co-Facilitator &


Lia Fourlas

Co-Facilitator &

Grief Counselor

12th Grade Principal

Mr. Beals

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Located on the side wall of the antique mall on North Street.

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Are there other resources in the community if group is not a fit for me?

  • Mrs. Roper, head of Anxiety Support Group (upstairs McGowan room E208)
  • School counselors in McGowan or Swartz (CHS counseling info here)
  • Student Assistance Program - SAP (look for SAP stickers on doors)
  • Safe2Say (download app here)
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Will group affect my classes?

We usually meet during Bison Block at the end of every week. The periods will rotate so you will not miss the same class multiple times.

Do I have to talk?

You are encouraged to talk but you can also come and listen if you'd like. We respect your decision to share or not.

Who is eligible for group?

Students who have lost someone and it has significantly impacted their life.

When does group meet?

Group will meet during one of the Bison Block periods on Thursdays or Fridays.

What is the community service project?

Each year the students in group will pick a community service project to complete together at the end of the group cycle. In years past students have volunteered at nursing homes, schools, planted trees, painted murals, and much more. See some of the pictures in the community section for the group's service projects through the years.

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Direct Contact

Mr. Roper


Lia Fourlas



If you are having feelings of hurting yourself or others seek immediate help through one of the 24/7 lines below:

Crisis Intervention in the Carlisle area: 717-243-6005

All other areas: 866-350-HELP

Suicide Hotline: 988

Police Department: 911

Carlisle SHINES: Our Stories

Below you will find past and current members of Carlisle SHINES, as well as members of our school community. We thank all of them for their courage and willingness to help others with their stories.

Mr. Roper's Story

My dad died 2 days after Christmas. I was 14 years old and it was my freshman year of high school. He was an alcoholic and had been sick with liver disease for months. My brother and I had been told by his doctor that he had six months to live and he died that night.

Being a teacher has given me a chance to help students who have lost loved ones, because as much as it may feel like it, you are not alone. Through this process, I learned to deal with my grief in such a way that not all my thoughts and memories were painful or full of anger. You never just learn how to remember.

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Lia's Story

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My grandmother killed herself when I was 10 years old. I'm named after her and we spent a lot of time together.

She was my favorite person.

The hardest part was not talking with my family about what happened. I wanted to understand but because of my age, no one talked to me about her suicide. I didn't want to hurt my family by bringing it up.

I became a grief counselor so that I could talk to children and young people and help them understand, communicate their feelings and offer support.

Mr. Beal's Story

My wife of 23 years was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2016. She fought with hope and grace for 5 years eventually resting in 2021 when both of our kids were students at Carlisle High School. Grief started from the day of her diagnosis and that journey continues for both the kids and I. We have found support through each other, groups, and individual counseling.

As an educator, I believe in the power of processing grief and exploring healthy means for expressing the various thoughts, feelings, and emotions associated with intense loss. I also believe in the power of kindness, empathy, and compassion that is learned through shared grief experience.

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Maya's Story

I'm Maya and a little over a year ago in 2022 my mom's mom, my Grandma Joann, died from breathing complications. My grandma was my confidant and encouraged me to be my most authentic, natural self. Without her there was a hole in my life, as well as in my mom's. Her loss was very abrupt but I'm grateful that at the start of group last year I was able to recieve the support I needed.

Annie's Story

I was four years old when my dad died from cholangiocarcinoma, a form of cancer. I was too young to understand most grief at the time, but throughout my life I ended up having to grieve a life with him in it. After some other family losses, in 2023 my friend died by suicide. Coming to group is part of the reason why I was still able to function, and I wouldn't be in the same place that I am now if it wasn't for group's help.

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Evan's Story

I'm Evan and I lost my uncle Pat in 2017 to a drug overdose, It took a big toll on my family and I. It has just hit six years since his death. This group has taught me not to be angry at myself and others. Everyday I still try to find ways to cope. By talking to my family and others I was able to feel comfortable expressing my feelings on the people I've lost.

Kareem's Story

I was six years old when my older brother died from a gun shot. I was too young to understand most grief at the time, but throughout my life I ended up having to grieve a life with him in it. After some other family losses, in 2019 my grandfather died by old age near my birthday. Coming to group is part of the reason why I was still able to function, and I wouldn't be in the same place that I am now if it wasn't for group's help.

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Bailey's Story

I lost my Uncle to a drug overdose in 2017. This group gave me something to be excited for every week. Its refreshing to be surrounded by people who know exactly what you are going through. Carlisle Shines helped me pave the way through my grief process. Since graduating in 2019, i still use what I learned and apply it to my adult life. This group really helped me be able to balance my grief with my everyday life, which is super helpful now that im a mother! I am and will be forever thankful for this group of individuals!